Here’s What Clients Are Saying
About Lois H. Feinstein and Great Site Web Copy


“We’ve worked with Lois for a number of years and can always count on her to deliver effective copy that reflects the high standards to which we hold all our service providers. She understands our unique marketing needs and always turns out first-rate copy on deadline.”
Dave and Dewey Whitton, The Salem Real Estate Group

“Lois is always at the ready when we call on her to produce copy for our website, whether we need new content or updating. She listens to our input and creates clearly-written copy that gets the message across.”
Sandy Raines and Ron Cadieux, The Raines Group 

“If you need a good—no, great—writer, call Lois. Not only does she create perfect copy, she will take the time to understand your business and put together the best content for your site. In addition, she is responsive and always available to help you navigate your copy needs on your schedule.”
Amy Novek, Contest Judging Professionals

“Lois is an important adjunct to BrandSavvy. She is a highly competent copywriter and provides sage counsel for websites and marketing collateral.”
Gary T. Naifeh, BrandSavvy, Inc.