Put Some Personality in Your Marketing Copy

Your website, blog, email and newsletter copy doesn’t have to be strictly about your business. Readers enjoy knowing a little bit about you, in addition to your product or service. You can share information about hobbies, volunteer activities, travel and experiences. This helps put a personal face on your business and gives customers something they might relate to and communicate back to you.

Try to tie the personal into the professional, whenever possible. For example, if you own a catering company and recently sampled a fabulous dish at a local bistro, you can write about the dish’s ingredients, perhaps publish the recipe and then develop a new menu offering at your company. A real estate agent might write about her home owning experiences as guidelines for potential buyers and sellers.

It’s even OK to write about less-than-positive events, if you can come up with a positive outcome that’s relevant to your customers. However, you should keep it upbeat: avoid seriously tragic or controversial topics or traumatic events, unless, of course, they are germane to your service (e.g. counseling, medical, political).

And don’t forget your call to action. Have readers click to learn more about your service, receive a free guide or take a survey

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